Utilizing a high-quality sand-carving technique to create single or multi-shaded designs separates all work from industrial pre-fabricated pieces, displaying an unmatched elegance. Colored glass etchings can be done in either full oil or halftone shadings. Capable of etching a plethora of materials from lexan bulletproof glass to even granite and marble.

Etched-Style Vinyl

The weight and size of glass can make vinyl decals a more attractive and affordable option for certain commissions. These adhesive-backed designs are easy to apply and are the ideal option for applications to large pre-existing glass such as vehicles and other large interiors.

Backlit Signs

Illuminated signs and displays for eye-catching branding

Personal Life

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada - Bret has been working with glass and mirror since 1987. His work can be seen in numerous business and homes and throughout all of Northern Nevada, and has been featured in the Center Camp of Burning Man 2015. He is an active creator in the community, and spends a lot of his time at the Potentialist Workshop in the MidTown district - a multidisciplinary, collaborative arts collective.

Bret has been married to his wife Faith since 1999. He enjoys softball, skiing, swimming, watching football and walking his two dogs Lelu and Sunny. He and Faith also enjoy geocaching. Bret Tyler is an active member of his community, as both a founder and former board member of the Lockwood Community Corporation and a Washoe County Conservation Supervisor. In 2006 Bret was elected to the Canyon General Improvement District.